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Fancy Freedom is a Consulting service that has been helping wellness businesses for over 15 years . Roechelle Williams has been the director of her own health, wellness and beauty centres  in Brisbane for 12 years and after using online booking systems in store and online she transformed her business to streamlined and automated processes.

Having worked with quite a few centres we have some great systems ready to hand over and let you benefit from our hard work. Why recreate the wheel when it has already been done….and you get to do it the easy way with us assisting you.

Having personally worked with many different softwares for over 7 years, inc travelling to their head office in USA, attended every intensive training courses. Roechelle has become quite used to how to make it work in her own studios and she is very passionate about sharing this learning with others.

Roechelle offers on the ground support to help you to integrate all the awesome features into your business here in Australia…. lets face it – it is nice to have someone there.

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