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There are several ways that you can get your customers connected on their mobile devices. The KEY is that you make it really easy for them. This feature is mostly for clients with classes or workshops. As a Online booking software client, your business will automatically appear on their directory. And with over 10 million people already accessing ONLINE booking on their phones, that’s a lot of new exposure.

Some steps to make sure you are connected

1. Make sure your website is mobile friendly. The easiest way is to search for your website on your own mobile device and ask yourself – How easy is it to use? Can you just click on the number to call? Can you book easily? Buy easily?

5 keys to look for

  • How easy can I call?
  • Is it  Streamline?
  • Link to bookings – easy
  • Pricing structure easy – 3 options MAX
  • Irresistible Intro offers prominent and easy to buy

2. If you have healcode (it automatically has mobile friendly screens) for your website, however it does take longer to buy something than an app.

3. You and your clients can download the generic app – this is good however you are competing with all you local businesses offering the same thing. You can see a video here

– get your own app designed. For just $99 and a $39 monthly fee – Fitness apps sets you up a personalised app connecting your clients directly to you, and you to them. With push notifications you can fill classes, promote specials and talk to clients that have not come in for a while.

In fact 45,000 people use fitness apps every day in 16 countries to view schedule, book a class or make a purchase. The apps are found by existing and new clients in the Apple App Store and Google Android Play store. Check out a video on what it offers



  • Speed – 10 times faster than WEB bookings
  • RETENTION TOOL – Sends PUSH notifications if app has not been opened after set times ‘WE MISS YOU! Here’s 10% off a Class pack!”
  • Push Notifications: Push technology gives a studio the ability to send a message in real time to mobile clients “Join us for ‘Happy Hour’ half off today’s 4pm class!” (also simultaneously send that message to update Facebook & Twitter too!)
  • Social Share:  The ability to have your users share their visits to your studio with their friends.
  • Book A Class:. Appointment Syncs to your iCalendar.
  • Cancel A Class
  • View Schedule
  • Wait List: Add to wait list / Cancel Waitlist
  • Credit Cards : Payments through app, or gateway
  • membership.realBuy Classes:  Users can purchase classes from a main bottom tab menu location.
  • Multi-package shopping cart:  The ability for users to purchase multiple class packages at one time.
  • My Account section: this will show things like My Classes, My Visits, My Info, and will also give the user the ability to manage their account from Mobile App.
  • Staff profiles:  The ability for your users to not only see who is instructing the class, but also look at their MBO profiles (including photos)


Personally, I think this is just amazing! You are literally getting in the hands of your clients everyday! Best marketing dollar you could spend.

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