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Hectic front desk? Eliminate the mad dash to sign in before class with Class Check-in by MINDBODY.

Check out this great FREE app that MINDBODY has released that will allow your clients to easily self checkin at front reception in your business.

No lines, no waiting. Just get going.

From the front desk to class in seconds. Class Check-in by MINDBODY keeps everyone moving, so class starts sooner and lasts longer.

Reimagine your front desk

Class Check-in by MINDBODY turns the rush before class into a simple tap. The iPad app is available now on iTunes: just download, log in and you’re ready to go. Here’s how it will help you create a better experience.

Free up your staff.

Front desk staff can focus on ringing up transactions and taking care of your clients, without interrupting the flow of arrivals for the next class.

Start class faster.

Since clients check themselves in through the app, your instructors can prep for class with time to spare.

 Just listen for the chime.

Clients search for their names and tap to mark their arrival. The app chimes once to signal that they’re successfully checked in.

 Show remaining visits.

At check-in, clients can see how many visits they have left, so they’ll know when it’s time to pay for more.

Download it today and you can get started CLICK HERE

Ohhhh did I tell you the best thing …….its free!!!

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